How make deposit?

For show how to deposit funds we made a small video lesson

What are your plans for the company development ?

To increase the traders staff. Exit to the stock exchange is crypto-currency. Create an application for ioc and android so you can track profits, follow the bidding statistics and invite partners through the application, which gives a lot of new marketing tools to attract partners.

Is this a legal company?

Ethtrade Limited Officially, the company is registered in Hong Kong: Unit 3, Room 2207-9 Tower Two, Lippo Centre, 89 Queensway, Admiralty, Hong Kong Registration certificate: No. 2398217 of 4 July 2016. You can check on this site:

Crypto-currency wallet.

Each new deposit creates a new ethereum address, to which the user"s funds are transferred. The profit from a smart contract also goes to your wallet.

Is it possible to close the contract?

You can close the contract with a fine. See the section for investors


You can top up any crypto currency in the deposit tab.


The withdrawal of funds is made in any crypto currency, which you specify. Through our website. Regulations on the withdrawal from 3 to 5 working days. You have the opportunity to order the payment at any day.

What is the minimum deposit?

Minimum deposit: 0.05 eth. Due to the growing referral tree in the Ethtrade contract and, correspondingly, the growing complexity of its processing - the cost of transaction processing (ie, the amount of gas) has increased, so amounts less than 0.05 are not stably added to the contract, so use amounts over 0.05.

What is the minimum withdrawal?

Minimum withdraw: 0.01 eth.

How is the profit accrued?

Profit accrual is made every day.

Affiliate program

The referral system is built into the ethereum smart contract. The accrual of partner bonuses also goes to the wallet and can be withdrawn at any time. Look at the marketing section.

How much can I earn on the affiliate program?

Look at the marketing section.

Do you plan to enter a crypto exchange?

Yes, in a few months. This will be an alternative way to withdraw and speculate etht token.


We use a smart contract for Ethereum, as a guarantor that nothing will happen to your funds. Because your funds are not stored by us, but on Ethereum smart contract. Each partner can track all the information in the blockchain.