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  • The Market Capitalization
    of Ethereum is $43,000,690,434!
  • Price on
    The Price of Ethereum has already grown 458 times!
  • Ethereum have
    more then 500,000 clients!

About us
Who we are?

We are an ambitious team of highly qualified professionals. Our goal is to promote and popularize the universal Ethereum platform, a new generation of crypto currency. We created a trade-company Ethtrade to participate in the process of trading, attracting and managing investment assets, as well as for profit by using the volatility of Ethereum and increasing the number of users.

We use a smart contract for Ethereum, as a guarantor that nothing will happen to your funds. Because your funds are not stored by us, but on Ethereum smart contract. Each partner can track all the information in the blockchain

About company

How we work?

Our traders operate in eth/btc and eth/usd pairs, giving an opportunity to increase your initial capital up to 25% per month using financial management services based on the Ethtrade platform. These results are available immediately after registering the account on our website. We are ready to offer you quality asset management services, professional trading and detailed financial reports on the current state of your assets.

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Why percent is
so big?

The use of various trading strategies allows you to make profits regardless of the economic situation. We trade in both up and down Ethereum rates. The funds you invest are guaranteed and quickly multiplied thanks to the work of our professional traders.

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Our team

We are committed to the maximum effective popularization of Ethereum platform, its capabilities and prospects, as well the implementation of asset management program and obtaining financial gain through trading activities on the cryptocurrency exchanges

Duoge Yang

Business development, trader, manager, Ethtrade team

Michael Jentzsch

Developer, Chief of IDE Blockchain expert, Ethtrade team

Ichiro Hikita

Trader, Ethtrade team

Nikolas Steger

Head of Trading Department, Ethtrade team